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On wanting other people to have it all.

The odd thing about the upcoming wedding arc is that Elly is going to remember herself as being a supportive figure who wanted the best for her kid brother despite the fact that when she wasn't ignoring his very real concern about how he was making a big mistake that would make everyone miserable, she was salivating about the possibility of his finally being punished for being happy by being as drained, lost, confused and discontent as she was.

This is because of an interesting habit she shares with most of her family: a rather poor memory of events. This tendency is why she could sit through a conversation in which Jim berated Phil for being a slacker because he himself had a wife, two kids and a real job at the age Phil was when he was being lectured and convince herself it never happened at all because of her need not to admit that Phil's life isn't really a bed of roses.

Similarly, she doesn't seem to make the connection between her own endless beefing about how hard it is to be a spouse and parent with Phil's extreme reluctance because she thinks of herself as being an active propagandist for how wonderful it is to be a wife and mother.

This need not to admit that the people she thinks are all laughing at her as she suffers imaginary cruelty after imaginary cruelty aren't doing so is why she glosses over every time she's either been oblivious to someone's feelings, forgotten that she's made family life look less enjoyable than a hitch in a Soviet gulag or been a vindictive, angry idiot pitching a fit because she thinks she's been insulted when she actually hasn't. Doctor Who might think that forgetting things is humanity's superpower but in Elly's case, all forgetting does is allow her to make the same stupid mistakes over and over again because she doesn't remember making them.
Tags: elly on her cross, elly patterson: universal imbecile.

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