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The real estate shell game.

The odd thing about the middle years is having to deal with one of the odder side effects of the stupid, soap operatic revenge fantasy in which Ted takes it between the uprights so as to serve as a stand-in for all the stinkaloos who ever stood Lynn up in her life; said side effect is the imbecilic nonsense that required Connie to play what we might call musical houses for a while.

We're going to see the process in motion all over again next January when Mrs Baird interrupts Elly lecturing Phil about how smoking is for clods and savages to announce that she's getting too old to rattle around her big old empty house and wants to move into the senior citizens complex. This, for some irritating reason, traumatizes Lizzie and Mike into trying to sabotage the process because unlike regular children who'd shrug when told this and ask when dinner is, they want her to live in her old house forever and ever.

This coincides neatly with Connie's oafish control freak husband throwing her under the bus by getting a transfer to Milboring so he can step on a relationship that scares him all to death, the poor baby. As Elly blinds herself to the fact that she's just flushed Annie down the commode, she makes the amazingly surprising and not at all ploddingly inevitable suggestion that Connie can move to the Baird place so they can drink coffee and snipe about ungrateful children forever and always.

This not only allows Elly to have her real best friend around so they can compare notes on how horrible children are, it also sets things up so that we can have her drop in on Mrs Baird every so often. This might have been something of a fixture save for the fact that Lynn didn't have the real Thelma in her life any longer so one fine day, John asked what amusing adventure she'd embarked upon only to be told "dying in her sleep of a massive stroke." More on that and what we can take away from her life tomorrow.
Tags: connie: the real lynn, mrs baird, the middle years

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