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Patterson Husbands In Never Land.

The interesting thing about the sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond" is that the antagonist jerk monster mom Marie is completely unaware of the primary source of dramatic tension. As everyone but her can see, the possessive old meat-axe cannot and will not accept her son Ray's marriage to Debra with anything like graciousness. She actively resents the fact that this person came along and stole her little boy from her almost as much as she resents Ray's older brother Robert for being an oops baby and ruining her reputation. The fun thing is that she's completely dishonest with herself about why she does what she does. According to her, she treats Ray and Robert the same and bears Debra no ill will and don't you dare forget it.

The reason that I mention someone that I lived and loved to despise is that the Patterson women tend to play the same sort of sick mental games. Their favourite seems to be their insistence that they have never asked their husbands questions that have no right answers. Elly, I should think, sets the pattern. As we see here, she was clearly trying to get John to admit that he and all men are evil for having metabolisms that didn't result it them eating their fill and becoming fat and ugly and unworthy of love and doing so in a means that only she got to decide was done sincerely enough. He couldn't tell her any sort of truth about how it wasn't by design that this happened or that her imaginary excess ten pounds would go away if she stood up straight for once. Trying to tell her that she's not hideously obese would go over as well as his trying to take a picture of her. She doesn't want that happening because somehow, he always edits her out and substitutes some scrawny woman with terrible posture because he's an evil, conflict-causing man.

Deanna is much the same way as this strip in which she tells Mike that something that isn't readily obvious should be. Leaving aside the vintage moral in which the only reason gals do stuff for their men is so they can court them, what we're left dealing with is Mike being asked to agree that he and Jo Weeder have their heads up their arses for not noticing something no one could be expected to. This means that the factually correct answer of "perhaps she should have made her feelings more obvious" would be the wrong answer and Mike had to be punished for not agreeing with an absurd proposition.

Given that Liz has probably pummeled Anthony for coming to his daughter's defense and dared make a horrible accusation that she, The All-Loving, All-Supportive and Ever-Fair Liz has actually been unfair to the child, it's sort of obvious that she, Elly, Dee and Connie are probably sitting at a table, drinking coffee and bitterly complaining about jerk husbands and ungrateful children who dare tell a horrible lie about how poor, innocent them deliberately ask questions that can't be answered.
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