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Elly's poetry reconsidered.

The interesting thing about the end of the Elly Patterson, Substandard Dental Assistant arc is that we launch into a sort of low-key saga in which one of the pedestrian odes to unspectacular domesticity is published in a serious magazine as a sort of tribute to outsider art. This means that we have to contend with such things as a reverential poem that assigns the qualities of the divine to a dishwasher, an irritating series of sonnets about how housework can be compared to life on a treadmill and therapeutic odes that allow her to vent about the need to flat out pulverize six-month old children because they clearly don't want their poor, long-suffering mothers to get any sleep because everyone knows that children pop out of the chute despising the mothers who care for them because they eat fulfillment and worship chaos and everyone knows that post-partum depression is just a fairy tale people made up to make mothers look bad.

The reason that I mentioned this is that her friends at the library assured her that her new role in life was a blow for gender equality and the beginning of a new career for her. We thus had every right to expect that we were finally at a phase when Lynn was secure enough about her work to let real life write the plot. The problem is that her need to pander to people who see domesticity as a trap they have to fall into to be good means that instead, we deal with an unappreciative family and the whole stupid arc in which Radcliffe ends up making her look like an idiot fishwife.
Tags: freefloating commentary

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