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Berserk buttons and weird frenchy girls.

Of course, Anthony isn't the only person in the Caine place that's getting yelled at for daring to question Liz's fairness as regards an evil career woman who clearly hated her and clearly wanted her to die alone and laughs riotously at the thought of Liz never regaining her worthless parents' useless respect. As I've said before, it's kind of obvious that Françoise is being treated like she's some sort of defiant monster child because she misses her real mother and because Anthony absents himself whenever she's in a dumping mood.

This is because we're not just dealing with Liz's original need to criminalize any speculation that Asshole Greasemoney Gordon conspired with Elly and other doughy imbeciles to destroy Therese because her drive, intelligence and ambition made them look in the mirror and see the pathetic collection of small-town, small-minded vermin they actually are. There's something extra percolating in the hate center of her brain: a burning resentment of anyone who ever showed her up in school by deliberately getting better grades than someone as stupid, lazy, inattentive and cowardly as she is ever did.

As I've said before, we're probably dealing with a world in which an exasperated dullard whines to enabler Elly about how she's at the end of her rope dealing with this horrible child who can't see that her job is to not outshine another rock-stupid Patterson/Caine male. This leaves us facing an indeterminate future in which that odd child does something baffling by rejecting the imaginary love in Liz's teeny-tiny heart and hanging out with an ice machine that has no sense of human. Fifteen years from now, of course, Liz will finally start treating Francie like a human being instead of an imposition; by then, of course, the damage will have been done and stupid Liz will be like stupid Connie and shake her stupid head at someone who should have known about the love that only exists in someone's revisionist brain.
Tags: liz versus the weird frenchy girl

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