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Anthony's last blown chance.

As we pretty much all know by know, the 'romance' between Anthony, Liz and Therese is Lynn's attempt to show how great it was that she had an emotional affair that destroyed her first marriage because she perceived Doug as trying to boss her around and make her into nothing more than a mindless appendage of himself. As we also know, her attempt to assure people that it was okay Anthony did that was cool because he's a man failed because horrible behaviour is horrible behaviour no matter who does it. Just as it isn't really all that funny if a woman beats the shit out of a man, it really isn't okay if she pulls the same crap Anthony did.

What we also know is that Rod and Lynn seem to have spent an inordinate amount of time at cross purposes because she had to have things her way and really doesn't seem to have especially trusted him or especially cared what made him happy. Given that Lynn and Anthony are pretty much the same, it could well be that while John and Elly believe their daughter to have had a happy ending dancing away with a swell guy with a good head on his shoulders, the truth is less reassuring. It could be that Francie is currently a target of opportunity because Anthony just plain ain't around when Liz is in a dumping mood.

Given that Liz doesn't like making waves and doesn't like to consider evidence that's predicated on her having blundered into making a huge mistake, this sort of messy situation could probably last for years until Anthony simply goes too damned far and breaks one promise too many. By that time, it's pretty much a given that the two people who spend most of their free time telling her how great Anthony is and how bad Paul and Warren were for not dropping everything to run to her like they're supposed to would be more or less ten pounds of combustion fragments in ceramic jars some place. Since John and Elly were really the only thing keeping Liz from straying, she'll simply disappear from his life leaving a helpless, confused man to be cleaned up after by someone else because they won't be around to tell whine about how ungrateful she's being.
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