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Yet more notes on Elly's public image.

Now that we're about four or so weeks away from a public poetry reading leading Elly on the path of her crusade to save the town hall, I think that it's pretty much a given that the public at large are as dismissive of her as her own family is. It's not bad enough that she has an ungrateful wretch of a son who attaches far more importance to the opinion of other useless little children who can't help her than to her own voice and a douchebag husband who sees her as a laundress, maid and cook first and a human being with needs as valid as his own eighty-seventh and that the only person in her corner is the colossal waste of time in the overalls without everyone lining up to tell her what an idiot she is.

First off, we have to contend with the fact that the on-air talent interviewing her about her need to save the world from anarchy and team sports sees her as being "Generic Meddling Imbecile On Insane And Useless Crusade #134" and the fact that the station itself was run by evil, sports-loving men who evilly preempted her speech to talk about evil baseball of her evilly getting hit over the head and killed by baseball bats.

Second, we have to remember that Good Socialist Elly is the sort of person who doesn't care much what most people like because she sees it has her duty to shove what she thinks they need down their throats. This need of hers to treat the rest of humanity the same way she treats her kids for the same reason leaves her at cross purposes with a civic government and an electorate who regard her as being a shrill pain in the neck blathering away about something that is of lesser importance than a multi-use sports venue that can generate revenue for the community. After all, the average (and, unlike Elly, informed) rate-payer's going to look at the plans and notice that they've probably already got a theater (or, as they say in bureaucrat, mixed-use cultural venue) penciled in for Phase Three of the big project and reassure themselves with the fact that the arts community can scramble a bit until they've got themselves a really cool new place to stage their little plays.

Thirdly, we have to remember that Radcliffe hijacks her crusade as a means of becoming a big-shot and making her look like the idiotic bungler most people think she is anyway. While she feels as if her identity has been stolen, the fact that the money to save her precious town hall was taken away from the sportsplex project and the grant money used to keep her hired on at the library, her legacy is somewhat more than merely a well-intentioned bungler. She's the idiot who delayed development in the area for years and years because she didn't know what she was doing and was in a public sphere where she actually didn't belong. This means that I sort of need to replace "Cuddles" from Happy Tree Friends as an avatar with an image saying "John was right."
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