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On the issue of perspective.

The interesting thing about the beginning of the "Elly has the door slammed on her again because her poetry leads her right back to being an unappreciated housewife surrounded by ungrateful family members who won't let her be anything else" arc is that we see strips that reveal a sort of odd perspective on her behaviour when contrasted with that of other people.

The first such strip is the one in which John makes a big, stupid deal of her eating later because he thinks that her absence heralds in the end of civilization owing to his being rigid, stupid and lacking in imagination. The premise seems to be "When Elly wants to wait until she's done to eat, she's not the out-of-control figure tight-assed John thinks she is, she's a slave to the muses and thus is immune from criticism." When we contrast this with a much later strip that has as its premise "When April wants to tidy away her homework so as to not leave a mess, she's an out-of-control monster trying to visit anarchy and hatred on the world and must be slapped down," we get to thinking that Elly seems to not want to be on the receiving end of her own sort of bullshit.

This notion is furthered along when she violates John's personal space when she wants his worthless and biased opinion on her panegyric to a household appliance. She needs what she miscalls vindication right that moment so his need not to be leaned into is optional. The trouble is that this same person goes nuts when she has to be reminded that her children are in the same time zone as she is because their presence is oppressive. They are greedy, needy children who clearly want to freeze her brain and turn her into a grinning slave because she wouldn't feel that way without cause because that would be as bad as having no reason to assume that April didn't deliberately be born to tie her down and ruin her life.

This is because like most of the cast, she doesn't like the idea of admitting that she's a sorehead who can't cope with any sort of disagreement or disappointment and ducks the question by victim-blaming. Doing that makes her the error in the system and we cannot have THAT!!
Tags: elly on her cross, elly patterson: universal imbecile.

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