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Seek truth from Liographies.

As we all know, howtheduck tried deciphering the truth behind the collapse of Lynn's first marriage by reading what she'd said and comparing that with the stupid love triangle that was put in play so as to get people to agree that Lynn had done nothing wrong. The interesting thing is that Anthony's Liography is also used as a means of getting people to agree that everything she did was good, above-board and not at all a humiliating betrayal of her husband and a selfish violation of her wedding vows.

The reason that it too should be considered is what happened when the evil ice queen's evil lackeys reported back to her the perfectly innocent time they'd spent on New Years' Eve 2000. As we all know, Anthony's Liography had Thérèse be a jealous and irrational monster because someone reported back to her that he was seen hanging out with Liz and Anthony played the 'innocence' card. This seems to neatly parallel how awful Doug was for not buying Lynn's excuses when his co-workers did what normal people did and asked "Hey, Doug! What's up with your wife and that Johnston asshole?"; if only they could have been 'good' people and cheered her on like we saw in the strip. Also, if only Doug and Thérèse weren't extra-bad people because they didn't believe the protestations of innocence.

This sort of mess might have endured for years but both Thérèse and Doug had decided that they'd had enough of a partner pissing on their legs and telling them it's raining, oopsing them into parenthood they couldn't handle and agreed they'd never have to deal with and generally feeling as if they'd made a huge mistake marrying someone toxic and self-absorbed and obsessed with the need to change who they were because who they were just wasn't good enough.

This seems to be why Lynn's marriage to Doug really collapsed. He loved every minute of being a cameraman and that didn't suit her one bit. Just as Thérèse loved her work too much to give it up to be Anthony's ideal of a passive idiot who doesn't threaten him, Doug seems not to have seen the need to conquer the television industry and thus Lynn seems to have decided that their wedding vows might not actually apply. The only difference is that no one is shoving his hated sister Abby The Lump into the mix. More on that tomorrow.
Tags: freefloating commentary, the liographies

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