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On flooded basements and curling irons.

For those of you still keeping track of said things, I'd like to remind you that we are about eight years away from Mike getting yelled at for sleeping away an off day instead of racing around doing chores like making sure the sump pump in the basement is working. This leads to Lynn losing her shit because the insurance industry in this country thinks flood insurance is something of a sucker bet and also a license to lose money insuring people who live on flood plains.

The reason that I mention this is that it started out as a story Aaron told about how one day, Lynn was so wrapped up in what she was doing, she'd failed to notice that her basement studio was being flooded because she forgot to maintain her weeping tiles and sump pump. He'd alluded as to how this sort of being lost in her own little world was a rather common phenomenon that they'd all learned to adapt to. Simply put, Lynn would will herself into a trance state and always tended to react negatively when the world insisted on ticking merrily along without her participation.

This translates into the tendency Elly herself has of being so focused on a task, she forgets that the rest of the world still exists. The strip that best illustrates this is, of course, the one where she shoos away Lizzie and puts a curling iron down so she can do her makeup for some evening out. Most of us were worried that Lizzie would burn herself but I put forth the idea that as soon as Lizzie and the curling iron vanished from Elly's immediate field of view, she'd expected them to stay in the same place they were when she last saw them. Once the real world was allowed to penetrate her capsule, she was horrified to learn yet again that this is not the case. Elly simply can't allow herself to remember that things don't stay where she drops them if one of those things happens to be a child because she thinks that she has to be in a cocoon to function.
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