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The Enjo family versus Michael

The other odd thing that I noticed about the fact that Brian and Annie were tossed aside when a Patterson's real friend came back is that Anne is the only one upset by it. It bothered her that the only person she could pretend was a close friend just for once dumped her like all the other people who, for what ever reason that isn't Anne's being a pious, obnoxious, oblivious, needy, self-sabotaging dolt, decided that they had no time for her. Brian, on the other hand, was as cool as a cucumber; it didn't bother him in the least that the white kid next door started back up where he left off with the brown kid two doors down. This is because it's pretty much a given that upon arrival in Milborough, the Enjo family took an immediate dislike to the scruffy imbecile and have been treating him like he's barely human ever since.

You might remember how I once talked about how Brian saw Mike as a slow-witted, lazy, malingering dope who brought all of his problems on himself because of an inflated ego and underpowered brain. You might also have seen the strip that has as its basic premise the notion that Carol has no real problem throwing The Delicate Genius under the bus because she saw Michael as being a terrible influence. You might even have seen the strip that has Dawn regard Mike as being the horrible creep who not only treats her pal Liz horribly because he's too selfish and mean to share but also encourages Brian's knavishness. What we're about to see next week is predicated on the assumption that Keith sees the boy as being a scruffy non-entity who speaks horrible English, can't keep his hands to himself and eats in a smacky, messy, gobbly, nasty manner because his mother's efforts to civilize him didn't take.

The really great thing about all of this is that since Mike has as much awareness as he has civility, graciousness, empathy, remorse and foresight, he thinks that people who point at him when his back is turned while they make the PU gesture like and respect him. The boy who didn't get that Brian was not being especially sympathetic when he was wailing about the bad grades that result from his throwing a tantrum because he, the Great and Wonderful Mike Patterson had to do stuff he didn't want to like he was some boring, ordinary person, kept getting when he could have spent that energy studying grew into the oblivious man who probably couldn't read between the lines when Dawn told him that the series of horrid insults that comprised a wedding speech were at least enunciated well.
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