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On speaking Depression Kid and how Lynn fails doing so.

As we've seen, Lynn loves to harp on how poor her family was growing up and how ungrateful her own family is for having all this stuff that she could never have because her own family was destitute and so on and so forth. We get a huge whiff of the fetid stench of envy when Elly's primary argument against letting the kids enjoy the box is a rather obvious attempt to punish them for having something she wasn't allowed to have because of the whole wind-blown poverty thing she had to suffer through.

The problem is that her notes reveal that her parents were mildly prosperous and could possibly have finessed their way into getting at least one of the creature comforts to shut her up and make her stop yowling about how everyone but them was rich. They simply didn't want to because they didn't trust the post-war prosperity to last and also, they had no immediate use for all of the crap she wanted to get because they played a longer game than she ever did. Since I AM Lynn's 'kind', I know how they managed to do so and put aside money for better, more useful purposes like putting her and Alan through post-secondary education: they used the simple technique of declaring that anything that they didn't feel like buying was magically really expensive.

Since Lynn is a baby-boomer and thus kind of dumb, she took that rather obvious lie at face value and sincerely believes that she was deprived and thus requires that people mutate into vending machines to make up for fake, no-way, impossible impoverishment. Since Shit Stupid John and Thinking Impaired Elly are both her, they have to own horses because they both want to make up for artificial deprivation and to punish children for taking things for granted.
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