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Ursula Ridgway, frugality and why having it makes her Satan.

One of the things that we used to have to deal with all the time in the Early Years is that Elly wasn't really all that smart when it came to dealing with her money. For all her talk about how much John wasted on luxuries, it seemed rather obvious that she really didn't have too much of an idea how much she had in the bank or really that much idea of what a dollar was worth. We also have to contend with the fact that John's attempt to try to steer the conversation towards providing for her and the kids in case something happened to him resulted in her weeping hysterically because he wanted to scare her with scary stories about her being widowed and alone. This tells me that the same person who blew her stack about can openers has the following financial imperative: "I got a dollar!!! I GOTTA spend it!!!!!" because she lacks what we call impulse control and foresight. She may laugh off having to be kept on a leash like a small child who won't see that there's a tomorrow because instant gratification simply takes too long but it's not a very cute or sympathetic thing to look at.

Contrast this with what her mother was up to when she was a child. She might try to obfuscate and plead the question but her attempt to employ truthiness in order to vilify her mother is somewhat inadequate and doesn't hide the fact that the Ridgways were saving up in order to provide a better future for them all. We know that they succeeded because they knew what they were doing and had a long-term goal in mind. It might not have been fun at the time but those who can think about the issue can agree that the sacrifices and delayed gratification were well worth not having the latest and best shiny junk to boast about on the playground. Notice that this excludes a screaming, short-sighted id with a garage full of Farley golf club covers.

Lynn has no immediate plans to praise her mother for having the foresight to make a better tomorrow because she resented having to wait for the greater plan to succeed. We see this in the strip when people who have a clear goal in mind and work their asses off to achieve it despite that conflicting with the impulsive, thoughtless spending habits of the reckless and stupid are regarded as monsters who don't want to wait for the miracle to happen. This, of course, is because the idiot doesn't realize how lucky she is and that if other people hadn't opened doors for her, she'd be a frustrated also-ran who doesn't realize what she's doing to alienate Rod's patients.
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