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Carol Enjo: Ultimatumtrix.

As I showed you the other day, Carol had no real problem tossing Mike under the bus and getting him into shit with Elly over a non-event because she sees him as a bad influence. Does it matter worth a damn that Mike was stupid enough to get caught peeking into the girl's shower? Are the fake, no-way, impossible Quality Women going to wheel in the guillotine and chop Elly's head off if he somehow gloms onto a skin mag? Is he going to get Martha pregnant, drop out of school and leave her and John supporting two teenagers playing house? No, no and no but you can't tell Elly that and Carol knows it and thus exploits her neighbour's idiot rage in order to smack down someone who just bugs her.

The reason that I mentioned this is that we find out this week that Carol presented Keith with a stupid dilemma because she didn't support his hobby or anything else that takes away from the glorification of her imperial self. Just as Elly gets all fretful and stupid about John's model trains because his having a hobby takes away from doing things for her and telling her how great she is, Carol sees Keith's taking a healthy interest in something that isn't fixing sinks or yapping at children for imagined defects as being something bad that must be suppressed if she has any chance of pleasing the sort of freak-ass women's groups Philip Wylie talked about in Generation of Vipers.

This, I should think, means that if Brian had been the one to turn out gay, we'd have ended up with the same situation that I believe would happen if Mike had been the one to come out. We'd have the tyrannical sociopath mother (who cared not a whit for Elly's feelings that her life was ruined because an evil child decided to blight her life by deciding to be born when other women her age were talking about careers and travel) screaming about having to talk sense into the boy and the weak father angrily scourging him out because the loudest voice wins, right or wrong be hanged.
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