dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Who IS Carol anyhow?

As I said the other day, Carol impresses me as being a rather nasty person who most of the people I know would call a shit disturber. As you might have guessed, that means someone who's kind of bored with life and kind of relieves the tedium by goading an Elly into one of her trademark rages about what the Quality Women will think of a son who looks in girls' showers. That also means someone who comes along and talks shit about her husband's annoying interests that take away from the worship of herself and stroking a monstrous ego.

What this tells me is that she, like the Annie who groused about Steve's need to hoard or the Deanna who smugly listed all the things that Mike did to annoy her while whining piteously about his cruelty and need to abandon her when he made an off-hand remark about her not being able to sing especially well represents the part of Lynn who just can't be asked to be enthusiastic about anything she doesn't immediately like or isn't immediately good at and who also mocks people for being in love with something they know should be a bad thing because she's not good at it or doesn't care for it. This sort of childish thought pattern explains something that baffles a lot of people: the love of low, punny humor and its seemingly contradictory connection to her intemperate rages. More on that tomorrow.
Tags: carol enjo: devil in plain sight, lynn the vindictive.

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