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Forward to the past.

The most interesting thing about the recent article about the big museum exhibit is that Kate and Lane have somehow prevailed upon Lynn to move back to the West Coast where Aaron lives. As howtheduck tells us, this means that not only has she gained such an overpowering influence over her that she's forced her to go back to where she and Lane used to live and where Aaron does live because Lynn's clearly at the stage in her decline that requires both children to nearby, it also means that Katie has no real desire to rattle around in a big, empty house because her steadily worsening mother can't see the obvious need to downsize. We can thus think of the condo or whatever that they're going to move into as a sort of Tiny Train House designed to keep her from straining herself.

What this also means is that despite what Lynn might have thought about the matter, the great big noise that was made about Lane's 'coincidental' job transfer was so much smoke and mirrors designed to keep her distracted from the fact that it was only going to be until Katie managed to cut her mother's ties to Corbeil. Stage One of that plan was firing Lynn's accountant Liuba and gaining firm control over Mommy's allowance. Stage Two comes later on when Kate puts all the ugly plushies and scary-ass golf club covers and all of the other junk on eBay so she can more effectively downsize. Stage Three comes into play in the here-and-now because she's donated the drawing board to a museum exhibit so as to keep Lynn from doodling more crap. This leads us to pretty much the end-game. After all, Technophobe Lynn isn't going to able to deal with colourist Kevin Strang or web guru Stephanie van Doleweerd on a daily basis any longer. This means that either they've been relieved of their duties of the colouring of and distribution of the comic strips to the syndicate or they have gotten to the point where they do that without any help or interference from Lynn.

It also means that Lynn's belief that evil e-readers have destroyed interest in the treasuries is so much junk. My guess is that Kate lied about that to keep Lynn from wasting what little time she might have left on that stupid comic strip that already wasted so much of it already. My guess is that they've picked out a little room for her to spend her last few years in as they turn into Pam and Jeff Murdoch to her Evil Ukrainian Old Person.
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