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Phil the very bad canoeist.

The interesting thing about Alan Ridgway is that aside from his love of music, he prides himself on not only being an expert canoeist but also a builder of custom water-craft. At one point, he'd even dared hope that Lynn would somehow include that love in the strip; too bad we wound up with the most inept fictional woodsman not seen on the Red Green Show. Not only did Phil fail to tell other people where he was going and when he expected to be back, he made the very stupid mistake of not staying by the canoe he'd witlessly capsized. The whole thing is not only a very loose adaptation of an incident in which Rod's bush plane got flipped over in the water, it's also a not especially subtle PSA about boating safety. After that, we never saw Phil go into the woods again.

The reason for this whole unseemly display is probably the same one that has Lynn depict John as being a really incompetent dentist who really doesn't care about his patients. It all boils down to a jealousy that she won't admit to and is inspired by a feeling of inadequacy she'd tried to avoid owning up to since she was a child. Behind every huffy comment about too-good-to-be-true types and malicious sniping about people who work towards goals is a frightened woman terrified of admitting that she just got lucky. Since she doesn't want to do that, we have to endure Phil looking like he's a member of Possum Lodge.

This is also why we have to endure Elly's seeming lack of any sense of humor and short temper. It seems to me that what motivates the flung coffee cups, angry nagging, need to steam-roll over Mike when he does something to irritate her and angry yowling about how April fools all of us is a woman terrified of being exposed as an incompetent and imbecilic fraud who doesn't deserve the great life she has. We see this in a lot of people whose real life plan was the moral equivalent of winning the lottery.
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