dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The spanking differential

Of course, living in a post-Lynn world doesn't mean that the questions she raised die with her. Worrying about Elly's parenting and seeing how it set her on the royal road to failure will be valid long after Lynn herself goes the way of all flesh. This is why it seems that we're in for a demonstration of a very real difference in the way she treats the children. To put it right out there, she used to live to find excuses to spank Michael while she never raised a hand to Lizzie at all. Oh, the impulse to belt a sick, frightened child into submission exists within her and John's stone hearts but the will is not there because Lizzie is a cute, submissive little girl and Mike is simply asking for it.

Where it gets laughable is that despite showing blatant favouritism, she prides herself on treating her children equally. Much as April doesn't want to admit that she's just jealous of Becky because she makes her feel like she doesn't measure up and can't catch up, Elly is as at pains to avoid the admission that Mike was too much like her growing up for her to tolerate his bullshit for very long because it makes her into an angry idiot who hauls off and smacks children because she simply can't deal with frustration. It's better for her to revise history so that she doesn't have to see why Mike thinks Liz got a better deal all the time because favouritism makes her a monster.
Tags: elly patterson: universal imbecile., the post-lynn world

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