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The tangled plot thread perplex.

Of course, the real significance of the poorly researched and implausible theater arc is not that Lynn is trying to show us what life is like when flogging books and promoting specials without actually flogging books and promoting specials. The real significance is that we're dealing with the beginning stages of her tendency to interleave stories for extended periods of time. Before this, we used to have her bomb straight on through most stories in order to keep herself from forgetting what she was doing.

What appears to have changed is that she noticed that people she idolized interwove plot threads in order to make the strip look more like real life. After all, an issue (like, say, the need to save the theater from a crooked developer who wants to build something that probably isn't an arena after all) can rest dormant while Annie has to be talked down from thinking that her selfishness doomed her daughter to a life as a circus freak while that can be set aside so that Elly and Georgia can sit in a ranger station wondering if John and Phil are still alive. Where it all falls down is that Lynn's poor memory tends to make something of a hash of things because she doesn't quite remember where she left off. Also, we have to deal with the fact that Lynn has messed-up ideas of what people want to see.
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