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The real casualty of the crusade.

The interesting thing about all of this screaming and running around decrying the evil jocks who want to sack the city and deprive Elly of a place to read her poems is that when all is said and done, she finds herself without a purpose in life because she clean forgot about her potential career as the poet laureate of the rinse cycle. This, sadly, is why the strip seems to be so true to life. People lose sight of why they fight a thing because they get too focused on the battle and when it's all over, the thing they were fighting for is either forgotten or seems rather silly.

What this tells me is that right now, April has completely forgotten that Becky started out as a friend who had the bad luck of making a child who was half-way convinced that no one wanted to be around her feel that even more so. Years of sniping and blathering about the one-sided war she was fighting aren't going to simply go away merely because Becky shrugs and tries to laugh off what a dime-store diva she was as a dumb kid trying to please two idiot parents. April will have lived with hatred and jealousy and envy for too long to go back to seeing Becky as a friend; the best we can hope for is that at some point, the Martian will be in a place where her pettiness becomes so stupid, even she cannot deny it any longer. Too much time will have passed and the best we can expect is April muttering "Yeah....I [BOXCAR]ed THAT up." but at least she'll acknowledge the high cost of crusades.
Tags: the crusade hurdle

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