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Lynn Johnston and human suffering: Eat the weak.

Another irritating trend in this mess is her callous indifference to human suffering. The current sequence involving the 'Jim' character is especially enlightening. We have an intelligent, lucid man trapped in a useless, burnt-out husk of a body by his recent stroke, helplessly unable to communicate with his family. Further, he is under the direct supervision of a well-meaning but inept woman who falsely believes him to be reduced to irretrievable senility. She believes this because some schmuck doctor told her so. She couldn't bring herself to gainsay Dr. Slop, because he has a degree, manifest proof of immortality which delivers him from the possibility of error. His attempts to explain the simplest concepts to this poor boob constantly fail, with her giving him what she thinks he needs, which, by the way, is what she would probably want for herself. Horrifying, wouldn't you say? Yes, but you're not Lynn Johnston! It's comic gold that Elly's dad gets man-handled by a numbskull with a Dr. Kildare fetish. She also takes a certain amount of sadistic glee in the 'well-deserved' punishment she meted out to the cardboard bogeymen Kelpfroths, not to mention Elizabeth's mentor, Miss Edwards. What have the Melville, Winnie and Jim done to deserve this? They all tried to tell a Patterson what to do with their lives. Furthermore, they forgot one super-important fact: Elly is the source of all wisdom and truth in Foobonia. Elizabeth's teacher was punished for defying her own clueless, narrow-minded, meddling old windbag Mommie saintly Mother. That's right, folks! For daring to challenge the holy faith of Momism, these infidels become subject to a level of sympathy and humanity displayed by the medieval mob burning witches and punishing Jews for poisoning wells.
Tags: foobs vs common decency, lynn versus the real world, stop this madness!!

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