dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Towards a Grand Unifying Theory Of Elly: Part Two.

The odd thing about Elly is that she's a reasonably attractive person who's fairly slender who refuses to be convinced that she's either of those things. Her sullen, twisted pride in not being made to see what other people see is not just another expression of her unspoken belief that doing so means submitting to the crowd who won't let her say anything, it's an expression of another belief hard-wired in her brain by the Great Unknown Calamity.

It seems to me that the form this trauma she barely remembers despite its devastating impact on her life took the form of a devastating impact on her face. Somehow or other, some random object (possibly a ball from a pick-up game the neighbourhood kids were playing) got away from its owners and smashed into Elly while she was simply going about her business. This seems to be the way of it; stitches might come out, swelling might go down but her self-image seems to have never healed from this thing that she only vaguely remembers.

She also doesn't remember why she craves isolation so badly. I have an idea about that which also explains the paranoid dread that she isn't allowed to talk ever and has to meekly agree that her opinion is something she 'knows' to be a lie. If I'm right, its source is the botched attempt at first aid to a frightened, angry child and a hatred of the 'false' compassion of people who lie about her looks. More on that tomorrow.
Tags: how to build an elly

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