dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Towards A Grand Unifying Theory Of Elly: Part Four

You'll probably have noticed by now that Elly doesn't exactly thrive as such in a public setting wherein she doesn't have control of things. If people aren't questioning her parenting, they're probably trying to set her brain on fire with their minds or something. You've also probably noticed that the real reason that she chases the kids out of the house is because she fears being overwhelmed by them owing to her still reacting to the mob of sportos who HAD to be trying to kill her because why else was she in so much pain.

This need to banish the crowds of people who clearly still want to destroy her no matter what her stupid parents who weren't there and lying former friends might say doesn't just stop at chasing children out of the house. As we've seen over and over again, there's a bouncer in Elly's skull that tells the question "Where are the kids?" that it's not welcome in her mind. Simply put, the terror of large assemblages of people is so bad, she won't even let herself think about the kids once they've been sent away.

Sure, people might whisper behind her back about what a lazy, selfish, negligent parent she is and how she seems to be spoiling for a fight with her children but they don't have a screaming child inside their skulls telling her that mobs are trying to kill her while her parents tell her to lay down and take it. Given this distrust of others, it's sort of easy to see why Elly is sort of a mess. About the only thing she thinks she agrees with Marian on is that her old habit of saying that certain foods taste bad was because she was naughty. Neither she nor her imbecile mother realize that getting a rugby ball to the nose kinda ruined her ability to taste food. Since she might as well be eating styrofoam, she can't understand why her children object to sludge she can't know tastes terrible.
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