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On meaning not actually all that much to the children.

The interesting thing about the whole stupid crusade is that we get a little bit of an interruption when Lynn tries combining off-colour humour with Lizzie's graduating from kindergarten to first grade. Oh, she makes a bit of an effort to make the implausible mispronuncation 'dicklona' seem legitimate by having Lizzie confuse 'graduation' with 'congratulation' but only people who don't know kids at all well will buy into it because language acquisition just doesn't work that way. Lizzie should be channeling Elmer Fudd instead of being Lynn's mouthpiece for horrible humor.

That being said, she's also the focus point of a long-standing tradition in the Patterverse in that she's a bored and apathetic child stumbling through a confusing ceremony she doesn't understand because her parents tell themselves something that they're more excited about it than she'll ever be means so much to her. Lizzie sees it as standing on the stage and gettin'gradulated for gettin'into Grade One and nothing more than that; Elly and John are the ones that have invested themselves in the process and made into a huge deal. Lynn loves this theme and she comes back to it whenever she can so she can mock helicopter parents who've ignored what it's like to be sooooo bored by doing something that only old people care about. Granted, by the time she does, she'll do so to accuse one-year old April of fooling all of us by rejecting Santa but that's the deal when someone is always wrong.
Tags: freefloating commentary

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