dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Liz Patterson: Victim of Received Wisdom.

It occurs to me that Liz isn't really remembering all of this. Like a lot of people, she's listened to these stories so much, she's started to believe that she has a crystal-clear recall of this stage when, like most people, she only remembers the odd snippet. What's more, the conclusions she derived aren't ones someone in her position should have. She shouldn't be thinking that she deliberately did this to steal Mike's thunder. Why would she blame herself when it's clear that it's not her fault that Mike was a jerk? The PTSD I posited earlier isn't the whole explanation for her need to blame herself, far from it. All it did was reinforce an innate tendency: the need to please her family. We've seen that Mike spent most of his childhood getting into mischief so he could divert attention away from her to its rightful focus: him. We've also borne witness to the sad fact that when he finally relented and it looked like she'd get the parental regard she deserved, April arrived and she was shoved aside again. This leaves her with a feeling that she doesn't really measure up, that she has to work extra hard so she'll fit in and her parents will like her. If it takes adopting their conclusions, their interpretation of events, then she'll do it. She's already abandoned her right to have a happy life on her own times and learned to love living with a morbid greaseball so this is just another chunk of her unneeded dignity to shed so she can finally be loved.
Tags: child rearing disasters, liz: whining martyr

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