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On paperboys, voyeurism and David Bowie tapes.

As you know, I wish that Lynn had been prevailed upon to simply drop the first year of the strip when she started the Classic Foob experience. That way, we'd be watching Lizzie hint at why Elly fears team sports by cowering in fear of the baseball heading her way because if she gets hurt, the pain will last forever and ever and she'll cry FOREVER and so on into eventually running around in downtown traffic protesting something that was decided a year in advance. We'd also be watching dimwit Connie not realize that the reason she's treated like an evil stepmother who dragged Molly and Gayle from their homes so she could drink coffee with some other old woman who hates children is that her gutless husband absents himself when it's time to accept him some blame for being a jackass.

It kills me that Connie doesn't realize that she's simply a figure-head for why Milborough isn't a very appealing place to Molly because she's kinda dumb and kinda doesn't get that her happiness is a side-effect of her arsebucket husband's need to step on a relationship like the cowardly, ignorant ogre he is. She also doesn't realize that Mike's stupid need for sensation became something of a deal-killer. There's Molly sitting there feeling lost in a strange town where she knows exactly no one and next thing she knows, the horrible son of the unsympathetic clod housewife who ALWAYS takes her mother's side is getting the other kids to peer into her window like she's a sideshow attraction and not a person; worse, when he gets caught and punished, the scruffy little piece of trash whines about the inconvenience to HIMSELF because her feelings clearly don't matter to the little arsewipe.

Speaking of said Mommy's Cheerleader Supreme Elly Patterson, you'd have to be a real freaking idiot to wade into a situation in which Greg is clearly maintaining a sort of communications barrier meant to protect his viri.....little girl from a clear threat to her father's mascu...virtue and declare someone she's never going to meet a no-hoper just because her first crush called her an adhesive irritant to her stupid face. Having one high-handed imbecile who doesn't know what's really going on dismiss her feelings is one thing. Elly's presence leaves Molly with the impression that Milborough is populated by scruffy mutant children like Mike and self-absorbed, judgmental and unsympathetic drips like her and Connie. Getting away from there and spending the rest of her life with people who don't treat her like a chump might baffle a Foob but it makes perfect sense to someone not as dumb and vain and short-sighted as Elly is.
Tags: connie versus using her brain, elly patterson: universal imbecile., molly and gayle

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