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The Connie reconciliation perplex

When you read the Liographies and the relevant chapter of "The Lives Behind The Lines", it's obvious to anyone who isn't knee-deep in the situation that Molly took the collapse of her father's first marriage a lot harder than Gayle did. Like a lot of children in her situation, she couldn't quite come to grips with the idea that the only solution to her parents' troubles was divorce. This means that any person luckless enough to get in the way of her implausible fantasy was going to get a mauling. Since Connie is sort of dim and kind of vain and kind of never figured out how the world actually worked, she made the bonehead mistake of taking things personally instead of shrugging, accepting the fact that she was going to be a lightning rod for childhood discontent until Molly had the maturity to admit that her parents' divorce was an inevitability and wait it out. A better person would laugh the whole mess off and remind Molly that she couldn't be anyone but the angry child she was.

The reason that I mention this is that I think that everyone in the Poirier-Thomas household would have been a damned sight better off had Connie not moved right next door to her enabler Elly. If they'd moved more than a fifteen minute's walk from the Sainted Pattersons, Connie might have had to actually meet people who don't feed into her martyrdom complex and explained what was actually happening to her. Also, Molly wouldn't have had to deal with a stupid cow who won't see that Greg is screening phone calls and getting rid of 'hostile' mail when she poured her heart out or said dullard's dimwit son who peers through windows and tells friends to out themselves when it can backfire on them at the worst possible time and damn the consequences because it's unfair to make him clean up messes he makes. If only the perfect house for them were far enough away that Elly's hatred of having to go to people would make coffee with Connie prohibitive; that way, Connie might actually have had a shot of being thought of as a mother instead of their dad's wife.

Of course, you can't tell Connie that either because she never realized that the worst thing to ever happen to her is not Lawrence outing himself or her marriage to Pete or her messed-up thing with Da Silva. She can never see that meeting Elly is the worst thing to have happened to her because the woman looks so harmless despite how much it costs to be friends with Patterswine.
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