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The real 'expense' of remodeling.

As you know, we're about two years away from John balking at necessary upgrades to the kitchen. He might try to duck the issue by using a baffling non-sequitur about how since he doesn't use the kitchen that much, it doesn't need to be modernized despite the fact that most of the reason he has to eat garbage is that Elly can only do so much with the clapped-out appliances she has. He might also whine about an expense he can easily afford on his take-home. This again has the end result of making him look like a short-sighted fool who wants his wife to be unhappy so he can be a naughty, selfish child playing with toys while she and the rest go without. Thank goodness for him that Elly isn't all that good at understanding how men think or else she'd immediately understand what really bothers him: his desperate dread of calling in professional help and thus feeling like less of a man.

You see, like most men, John is very insecure about his own personal level of virility (and has very good reason to be because he isn't any sort of man at all really.) We see this when he turns purple and yells at the children for their horrible crime of reminding him of the fact that Daddy isn't really all that much more than a nasty peer that they somehow magically can't challenge despite their being pretty much as grown up as he is. We see this when he gets all snippy about having a home because that's a reminder that he's an intestinal-fortitude free zone. We also see this when the idea of having a contractor fix all the stuff he's too busy (by which he means 'wimpy and incompetent') to repair reminds him that he's not the alpha male he thinks is needed to have an orderly home. Thus we have him squeal about money as a means of hiding the fact that the real cost is his alleged manlihood.
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