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Mothers of the bride and other monsters.

As we know, the last daily strip was the closest we ever got to the traditional "Liz gets advice on how to live her life thereby establishing continuity from one generation to the next" speech that always seems to appear whenever we see a wedding story. The odd thing, the thing we made the most note of is that IRIS was the one sharing the warm and fuzzy stuff in which she told Liz what life was supposed to be all about when we expected Elly to do that particular job. It bothered most of us that after a business-deal like 'proposal' in which Anthony and Liz declared that they guessed that they were engaged, the closest thing we got to an actual emotion was when Warren hissed like a Hammer Horror vampire when he saw the Token That Said Liz Was Taken; having Elly outsource the whole "you'll make a lovely bride and wonderful wife" speech to a proxy so that she could hover around the background talking to Connie about how tiring doing everything by remote control was felt like something of a cheat.

The problem is that Lynn has little patience for the idea that the mother of the bride pretty much gets to call the shots when her daughter gets married. From Connie whining about how unfair it is that Molly and Gayle's mother got to be the mad fool riding roughshod over their wishes and Mira whining because Deanna actually thought that her opinion mattered to Shawna-Marie's mother acting like a butt, Lynn is preaching a hip, cool gospel about how the mother of the bride should just butt the Hell out and let the daughter run HER wedding the way SHE wants to. The very perfect model of what a wedding is supposed to look like is, of course, Elly's wedding which was held in Winnipeg for the convenience of John's family because (as I've said before) someone got it in her stupid-ass head that getting a degree meant a life of spinsterhood. This need of Foob women to pretty much cut off their noses to spite their face because they're angry at their mothers for the very stupid and specious reason that they don't want to admit that Mister Right is an imbecile not worth the effort seems to be why Lynn does this.
Tags: self-awareness failure, settlepocalypse

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