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Om wild animals and career women.

The idea that loneliness is the worst thing ever is one Lynn really likes. While it's true that she and Elly make a meal of commenting on how great it would be not to have a bunch of messy, ungrateful people coming along and disturbing her as if her time means nothing, the general idea is that not having anyone to need her services leaves her with a problem. After all, if there's no one that will fulfill her need to be needed, there's not going to be anyone to take care of her when she can no longer care for herself.

This fear of not having anyone to look after her during her last days seems to be a sort of black cloud of fear that hovered over two of the female characters at one point or another. We got our first hint about this when Connie told Elly to be grateful she was going to have a Martian to worry about because she herself could never really prove her love of Greg to him by giving him a child of their own. That sort of vintage moral was a rather broad hint that the same Connie who didn't understand why it was that Molly and Gayle never really accepted her as a mother lived in fear of never having anyone who wasn't a horrible disappointment whose 'choices' got in the way of her having her time in the spotlight caring for her when she was nearing the end.

As I also said before when the issue came up, Liz's incessant whining about the unfairness of an evil ice queen career woman keeping her from seeing friends because of her evil ice queen career woman decorum was not solely the result of her being too stupid to understand social norms. Her inept parents didn't just raise a hapless clod to be totally and willfully ignorant of how things work; they also raised her to think that not having children to care for her when her time came was the worst thing ever. Since she instinctively knew that they also wanted her to care for them when they got too old, someone who wanted her to scramble around and find an alternate to Assthony had to be a monster.
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