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French on cereal boxes: the Canadian dog-whistle.

The odd thing about the smart-ass remark I made is that I kind of used a dog-whistle term to refer to how tight-assed and afraid of diversity Anthony and the others are. This is because some time in the early seventies, the law was changed in this country so that both of Canada's official languages had to be included on packaging. While most people shrugged and got on with their lives, there was and is a group of people who don't like that very much. There is in my home and native land a largish group of people who insist on pretending that they're junior grade Englishmen loyal to a United Kingdom that honestly wouldn't care overly much if ten more stars got added to the American flag. Said individuals resisted getting a flag that didn't have the Union Jack on it because they still sort of believe that the people who wanted a new one are joining the Frenchies in pissing all over the Monarchy despite Phil the Greek kind of wanting them to get their own flag.

The result of having homegrown Ian Paisleys racing around spouting paranoid nonsense and baying at the moon about ethnic cleansing due to their having an exaggerated and baseless fear that Papism and French were being rammed down their throats by their favourite bogeyman Pierre Trudeau. Well, there's that and their very real need to resist contemplating the fact that the old tribal quarrels are dying out now that the Orange Lodge isn't really a power any longer so it's okay to be Catholic now. Heh. If only they could tell the average clod in Quebec that. Watching the Saint Jean Baptiste day parade reminds us that those poor saps still see us as being the same sort of constipated dullard Chinnuts's father-in-law was.

The really, REALLY ironic thing about this is that they're sort of of a kind with the people in Quebec who've been pushing for cultural neutrality in the public sphere. According to said exponents of universal brotherhood, the culturally neutral human being immigrants must aspire to emulate has the following culturally neutral qualities. First, the culturally neutral person must be lily-white. Second, he must be Catholic. Finally, he must be monolingual in French. This means that politics in this country is really easy to understand as it's based on preserving idiotic tribal quarrels no one else cares about except if they're De Gaulle and they wanna stick it to the Yanks and Brits.
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