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The wherefores of homophobia.

As we know, Lynn needed to establish Mira as a sustained threat to the Pattersons' happiness and as a petty monster who wanted to treat Deanna like a stupid child in need of the dubious guidance of a fatuous busybody while at the same time treating Mike like a pathetic no-hoper who got really damned lucky. As we also know, this is sort of a back-handed way of getting back at her mother for telling an evil LIE about how she'd lucked into a dream career when it's obvious to her that she got it honest.

The problem that presented itself is that none of the things Mira wanted to do seemed especially evil to a lot of people. We can start right in with her potential objection to Mike simply living with Deanna until such time as he put a ring on it. As many people have said, there was no reason for this to happen merely because our boy balked at the horrible threat of having to talk to an unseen aunt whom we never meet that isn't Michael's pea-brained sloth, discreditable gutlessness and fatuous self-absorption. What's more, Lynn probably got a lot of letters from mean picky-faces who sounded a damned sight like her mother who said just that.

They also said the same thing about Deanna dragging the Patterson family into the Great Big Tournament Of Passive-Aggressive Conflict she's been waging with Mira ever since she first started to notice that her 'poor, emasculated' daddy deferred to a mother who should somehow be compelled to obey the man she doesn't have some sick fixation with and quit making noise about a girl named Deanna and her Elektra complex. People actively resented having to watch Deanna wheedle her way into making the Pattersons do what she said because she represented someone who's basically Fat Ethnic Elly as being the same sort of inhuman freak "Pyro" from Team Fortress Two is.

Worse, there was a widish swath of people out there in television land who shrugged their shoulders when confronted with the imaginary horror of her deciding what colour outfit Elly should wear. The mean people who have no faith in Lynn see a paunchy drab throwing a temper tantrum because she's gotta absorb being talked down to and pushed around for once instead of dishing out the dirt. They don't see how terrible it is to have Elly's opinion set at naught because some horrible tradition says that the bride's mother is supposed to have any sort of opinion about what goes on in her child's wedding.

Why, they probably even said that if Mira found out she was being deceived, she had every right to call a halt to the whole thing and treat Deanna like some sort of sneaky, lying, back-stabbing and greedy jerk flim-flamming a bunch of gullible simpletons into doing her dirty work. Couldn't they see that Lyn....Deanna was the measure of all things?

Weird. This has just mutated into the same sort of crap-fest that the inane and disgusting love triangle that the strip ended up celebrating. As it would later be, Lynn is trying to make her own selfish need to bar her mother from her wedding to Rod because of her silly objection to interdomestic polecattery caused her to somehow magically say the whole thing was a disgusting display. Best to do in the strip what she did in an interview: poison the conversation by making a wild-ass accusation and run.
Tags: big fat sham wedding, freefloating commentary

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