dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Le monde entier et le Québec aussi.

As I type this, I do so in the knowledge that the stupid old tribal quarrel between Canada's two solitudes has no hope of ending within the lifetime of not only myself but also of my one-year grand-nephew Sebastian. This is not only because the people of Quebec feel the need to preserve their culture in an environment that seems Hell-bent on making them into a colder, snowier Louisiana, they're also cursed with the same problem pretty much everyone everywhere has: their elected representatives are an appalling collection of cheap-short artists, sleeveens, sneak-thieves and self-aggrandizing jackasses building empires at the electorate's expense.

The reason that the constitutional squabble (Quebec has yet to properly ratify the thing in a way that scratches the itch they have to be more or less Scotland to our England) has lasted as long as it has is that we're dealing with a group of people who sort of want things both ways. Rene Levesque might have been prepared to risk any sort of economic hardship that would come from walking away but, well, not all of his followers were as inclined to take his beautiful risk of going it completely alone. The constant variations of sovereignty-association proposed tell us one thing: the fire-brands want an independent Quebec within a strong Canada. While the idea of their being a constituent country of a larger Canadian realm is not without precedent and would probably work better in the long run than the mess we have now, it looks way too much like divorce with bed privileges (or a kid running away from home so he can live over the garage like he's the Fonz) to appeal to most of the more cynical people out there.
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