dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The cyber-pettiness perplex.

The interesting thing about the Sunday strips is that we're about, oh, a month or so from Elly at her smuggest and stupidest. We see Mike trying to explain the effort and skill it took Brian to program his computer to animate a jumping stick figure only to have smug git Elly blow him off because she can do it with her silly little flip book. Her irritating and silly argument is that since she can do things her way, computers will never be useful ever. We get our first hints as to why this might be when she mopes because her terrible husband buys her a stereo with too many buttons and knobs on it and we confirm our suspicion when she loses her mental equilibrium because she mistakenly believes her evil computer has eaten her e-mail because she's too damned impatient and arrogant to listen to some KID when the Martian tries comparing it to sending a telegraph.

Simply put, we're dealing with the same disdain for doing things that take mental or physical effort that has always blighted her life. She blew off University because she had to actually work, she blew off night school because it was hard and so on and so forth. Elly's past is littered with the wreckage of things that started hopefully only to crash into the ground hard because of her deep-down laziness. Were this not bad enough, we seem also to be dealing with an active hatred of people who do work towards a goal because she assumes that since she feels bad, they only did to make her feel bad. Since she'd rather not admit that her parents were right to praise Alan more sincerely because he did put in the effort because that means that there were people holding the door open for someone Fate assigned the role of "angry and incompetent also-ran," she must piss all over people who strive and succeed.

This is why John is a horribly incompetent dentist who deep down hates his job. This is why Phil makes a mess of the camping trip when he panics like a fool. This is also why we're going to get a steaming load of ordure about the horrible incident in which Rod's plane flipped over. Rather than be truly concerned, Lynn is going to all about how he sort of deserves it for having something she can never get because people who have things she doesn't are clearly being mean to her because the alternative is the scary, dangerous admission that she can't handle the character building words "You suck at THIS, Lindy!"

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