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Elly versus structural integrity.

To expand on my comment the other day on how it would make more sense for the whole stupid "jocks versus smocks" arc be about Elly doing battle with either the forces of modern architecture or a militant historical preservation society, it seems to me that the two arcs would be a sort of foreshadowing of the "Mike doesn't have all the facts at his disposal before he becomes the public face of a misguided protest" arc. After all, they'd both have the same starting point the arc we saw had: Sue filling Elly's head with mush that has nothing to do with the real problem. As it would be later on, a Patterson would go to war against the wrong enemy because a charismatic boob shared a brain fart.

It seems to me that they'd both have the same ending point: Elly being chastised by John about being led astray by someone ignorant of the real stakes. The road that would have her do battle against a vandal who would take a fine old historical building, level it and replace it with a soulless glass and steel cracker box reminds me of something happening in my own life. This is because my old junior high school is in rather sorry shape because time and sloppy building practices have not been kind to it. The 2014-15 school year had them hold classes at two other local schools and there's talk of tearing it down and replacing it with a new school. Were Lynn to have pursued that angle, we'd have seen her resent the architect, the fire marshall and John for telling her that it doesn't matter how sincere she is if the ceiling falls in and kills someone.

She'd also resent the head of the local historical society for telling her that trying to shoehorn theater groups in a space not designed for it so that it might be turned into a sort of annex to the local museum because even though the arts community would probably have more money to play with if they didn't have to shell out quite so much on insurance at a more modern and suitable space, Elly would see everyone else winning as being a defeat because she couldn't weep, bully or threaten people in such a manner as she got what she wanted and damn what everyone else does.
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