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Why Steve doesn't need his own Liography.

The seemingly odd thing about Steve Nichols is that they never sat down and wrote an official look at his past. They have one for Dawn and Candace and even Janice Madigan but not him. This might seem like he's been overlooked but what actually seems to have happened is that like Therese, his bio is contained within Annie's.

We get our first look at who he is when we have Anne fret about the fact that while her fixer-upper needs a lot of fixing, Steve doesn't seem to do much work that she's noticed. He started off promising her the Earth but failed to deliver because he let himself get sidetracked by trivialities. When she asked gently when he was actually going to work up the ambition to actually deliver on his promise, his ultra-manly response was to storm out of the house, head down to the local bar, get wasted and imply that it was her fault that he threw his alco-tantrum. He doubled down on being an idiot when she wound up having to put a patch over something because, well, she was clearly trying to castrate him or some such irritating bullshit. The end result is a woman growing old before her time owing to having to stifle the worry born of having to prop up what Lynn would call a man of mercurial temperament and what I would call a shiftless spoiled brat who turns into a ridiculous dick if people question him.

This sort of crap went on for years and years and would have kept right on happening had he not reached the scary rite of passage called 'turning forty.' Since he's a typical mush-headed citizen of the Foobiverse, he confused becoming forty with having one and a half feet in the grave, he felt as if all of his tomorrows were behind him and, well, he'd had meaningless sex with a waitress because Annie hadn't given him what he needed because she didn't understood how afraid he was of getting old. His pathetic whining about how tomorrow, everything would be better only tomorrow was going away unmasked him at long last. He'd revealed himself to be a shiftless no-account with a lot of pride and a lot of lofty dreams but completely free of the drive to actually do anything to make the good things happen. Watching Annie pretty much become father and mother to their children was to his conscious mind a mean-spirited refusal to show faith in him. To his subconscious mind, it was a painful repetition of everything uncomplimentary that teachers, parents and other people who lack faith in the miracle said about him: "He can do the work but he's a daydreaming clod who believes in magic and unicorn farts."
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