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Who the miracle is for and why.

It occurs to me that a cursory reading of Annie and Steve's Liography leads one to a fascinating discovery. When you end up getting told that Annie's happy ending is worth more because she had to work like a piston to get it and that Steve's major malfunction is that he's a day-dreaming, apathetic, shiftless clod who waits for miracles and magic to happen when he should have worked and worked and worked and worked like he was supposed to, you end up with the realization that there's one law for pretty much everyone else on the planet and another law for the Sainted Patterson Family.

After all, most of the people who they deign to hate insist that they too must strive and be ambitious so that they can waste their lives and exhaust themselves and miss the miracle that Fate had granted them to balance out a life of privation and sorrow. Hard work is a wonderful thing for a Gordon Mayes because it serves the greater good and the sovereign cure to Steve Nichols because he's an ordinary man but plugging away at something and trying to be more than they are is a terrible thing for the Pattersons because it makes them bad people who want too much and also prevents them from experiencing the miracle of having what they want simply fall in their laps.

Now, a lesser person would assume that the strip is written by someone who's basically still a child who insists that while all of her classmates had to do the work and obey the rules that bore her and get in her way, she's a special snowflake that the rules don't apply to. A lesser person would also remember that such a person either doesn't notice the people who hold the door open for her or, like Mistah J, assume that people are put on this Earth for the sole purpose of holding doors open and needn't be thanked. Since most of the Pattersons are Lynn, what we end up with is a family of unappreciative clods who believe in a world of magic and unicorn farts because they refuse to acknowledge the people they're climbing over.
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