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As you know, Lynn isn't especially fond of us because we don't give her what she needs: uncritical praise for doing what she does. The latest book reminds us that she sees every person who's ever said that what she does could be done better is the same sort of cruel mean person who hates the children she can't and won't understand that her mother supposedly was. In her latest extended rant about the horrible people who hate her and want to tear her apart because they're bad and hate life and happiness, she whimpers about the cruelty of having what she said remembered, the viciousness of being expected to keep track of what her characters are doing and the general malice that must drive horrible people to hide behind screen names when all she wants to do is unleash her lawyers on them and use her money power to crush them for saying bad things.

Simply put, what bothers her the most is the same thing that irritates Tom Batiuk: the ease by which people can tell her that her strip is bad and she should feel bad about it. Well, there's that and the fact that we can readily compile evidence that refutes Elly's claim to be a loving, fair, firm and kind parent. Oddly enough, the most recent Sunday strip is the one I would love to have taped to my fridge because it shows us who Elly is in a neat little package. We have:

  • Elly getting her panties in a bunch because her horrible children are laughing and giggling instead of scurrying around in a blind panic like she is.
  • Elly spending most of her time lecturing her children about the need to take life as seriously as she does.
  • Elly insisting that she has better things to do with her life than parenting.
  • Elly being an impatient idiot who loses her temper too quickly and over very little.
  • Elly being an inflexible idiot.
  • Elly realizing at the last second that she committed the offence she warned her children against.
  • Elly not connecting that to her own stupid actions but instead blaming the children for this thing she could not be expected to foresee.

The readiness by which we can compile strips that prove that when Elly isn't being a short-tempered, slow-witted idiot who takes things far too seriously, she makes a point of not admitting that her children aren't trying to destroy her because the alternative of admitting that she's too fragile to deal with life's demands dismays, confuses and angers Lynn because of her endless hunger for flattery. Being told that she painted an excellent portrait of a peevish knucklehead who makes her own trouble because she doesn't know any better isn't going to sit well because she's conned herself into believing that the screeching imbecile is somehow a role model we must aspire to emulate.
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