dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The panic-forgetfulness complex.

The interesting thing about last Sunday's strip is that it's fairly obvious that Elly did what a lot of people do when they're in a bit of a hurry on a hot day: she put on a pair of mom jeans over the swimsuit she was going to wear and took them off when she got out of the car. The reason she forgot that she did that is that she clearly seems to have thought that she put her suit in with the ones the kids were wearing or something and since we're dealing with Elly, we're going to be dealing with her going "I KNOW I put my bathing suit in the bag here but since it isn't here, I MUST have forgotten to bring it." This means that should some kind stranger or well-meaning child come along and tell her that she's actually wearing a bathing suit, her reaction isn't going to be one of relief. Given who Elly is, we're going to have her either get all huffy with the person making a big fool out of her or have her screech about, well, being made a fool of in public.

The reason I'm fairly confident about this is that whenever people try helping Elly by telling her that what she thinks is a problem isn't one, she's rarely grateful because of her tendency to see the worst in every situation. What would really grind her gears is the horrible, cruel and evil suggestion that if she were to calm down, she might have remembered this and enjoyed herself instead of racing around in a blind and useless panic and killing the mood for everyone. Elly does not especially want to be told that running around in circles screaming her head off about a fake, no-way impossible apocalypse is why her life is in the toilet because she sees being told that were she a calmer person, she'd get more stuff done as being talked down to by someone who wants to crush her.
Tags: elly on her cross, elly patterson: universal imbecile.

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