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On a dropped plot thread, Crankshaft and the real world.

What people sometimes forget when they remember the long-term campaign to tell Mira that her help is unwelcome because only Elly gets to hand Mike and Deanna things on a tray because she's the best person ever and Mira is simply a pushy ethnic who forgets her place (which, of course, is joining Deanna in heaping uncritical praise on the Delicate Genius and admitting that it's a miracle Deanna turned out so well because she's a bad person who did everything wrong because she did not slavishly emulate Saint Elly) is that at one point, Deanna simpered about the fact that Mira's mind was starting to go on her because of her having pretty much the same piss-poor eating habits as the Patterswine.

It seems to me that if Lynn had bothered pursuing the issue instead of simply using at as yet another reminder why Mira should be publicly horsewhipped for 'castrating' Wilf and disrespecting her not at all useless dick of a son in law who should never be thought of as being as useful as teats on a bull, we could have had Doctor Elly come along and tell April a whole bunch of ill-informed bullshit about Alzheimer's Syndrome. The end result would be that Mike and Deanna would be enjoying being the centerpieces of a Canadian content version of the long-term mess in Crankshaft where the main character's son-in-law Jeff became a sort of lightning rod for hatred because his wrinkled-up old prune of a mother resisted being reminded that she simply was too old to function on her own any longer. What would happen is that Deanna would propose, Mike would dispose and Mira would suppose that the monster her poor child married is trying to put her out to pasture because he thinks he's better than she is. Also, no one who isn't an ignorant Martian who doesn't know how the world works would question Deanna's need to use her sucker husband as her meat shield.

The reason that I mention this is that while it seems as clear as Hell that Katie and Lane seem to be equal partners in what looks like a campaign to protect Lynn from herself, Lane seems to be the person Lynn blames for what she sees as an attempt to stick her on a damned ice floe because she doesn't see herself as needing help either.
Tags: cranky, evil mira, foob imitates life.

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