dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Daddy's little girl......

Liz's cold war with Elly didn't start when she was born, far from it. I remember the first day of kindergarten wherein Liz was freaked out that Elly wasn't going to stay. The joke, of course, was that Lizzie's separation anxiety was far greater than Elly's. Her desire to cling to mother faded away over time for what to her was a good reason: Elly wouldn't slay the the monster who called her Lizardbreath. Elly pleaded, bargained, shrieked but Michael would not be moved. In his young, messed-up brain, the reason that he was getting yelled at was because he had a kid sister and he wanted payback. If she could somehow be made to go away, things would get back to normal and his Ma wouldn't yell at him all the time. John, on the other hand, reacted physically when he was backed into a corner and forced to deal with Mike's rascality. This impressed Liz because she discovered a person who made the bad person hurt as much as she did. Even though John simly wants something cute that he can dangle off his arm to impress people, the person doing the dangling will almost always defend what he does. The only reason she'd stop is that she can have children with a near-duplicate. It seems bizarre that Liz's showing up her mother by treating her John properly is exactly what Elly wants but such is life in the Foobiverse.
Tags: john - grinning weirdo, mikerobe: the universal infant, mother-daughter cold war, sheet shaver

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