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The not-so-different speech Mira and Elly never want to hear.

One of the more amusing elements of the Settlepocalypse is that the sole contribution Elly made to the wedding itself was to predict glorious happiness because Anthony's step-mother defers to her at every turning and allows her her proper place as the dominant person in Liz and Anthony's lives. Clarice Caine isn't going to be some pushy ethnic wanting to enslave anyone in her family politics and show up where she should know she isn't wanted and question anything a Patterson might do. She also isn't going to lose her temper and be a monster of wounded pride when someone dares to speak to her in a way in which she isn't accustomed and make a horrible, hateful comment about how she's a meddling old hen who should finally shut up and quit making everything about herself.

If this sounds like something I've said before, it's not really a surprise. That's because Elly is also a vain halfwit who likes getting her own way all the time, doesn't react well to the insinuation that she's a meddling old bat who's only doing things to further her own agenda and damn the cost to everyone else and also likes to cry piteously about how no one listens to her advice that isn't totally freaking worthless. Putting two old women of bad character who have an overweening need to shout and whine everyone into compliance is just asking for trouble and trouble is what's got. The situation that it most reminds me of is something that will be made clear in the current reload of the Archie mythos. We're about to be reminded that the reason why it is Daddy's Little Fixer hates the budding Macchivel with the burger addiction like fire is that they see in one another a powerful rival that might hinder a long-term plan. More on that and the rest of the new-old Riverdale gang in the next few days.
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