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There's this guy......

As you no doubt now by now, Archie Comics has finally decided to do a sort of reload of the franchise. The characters have been redesigned somewhat because nobody has done big-foot mutants for like forever but the setting hasn't changed much really. Riverdale is still a pleasant little town filled with humble, pleasant people who live quiet, tidy lives. Sure, they have their troubles but if you're looking for Batiukesque whining, you need to stick to watching Les be a fist magnet.

The interesting thing is that the writer has made the very interesting choice of taking us right back to where Archie's story started in 1940. He introduces himself as being an average person. He isn't a genius like Dilton, he isn't a budding film maker, he isn't the sibling of a celebrity, he's just some regular guy who's only really good at playing guitar and achievement farming on TF2. He's sort of at sea dealing with his clapped-out old Mustang, he's not that coordinated and he's not all that great with tools. He also hints at having something of a rebellious streak that manifests itself as not wanting to be thought of as being too tame or predictable. He doesn't do anything dangerous, he just likes to keep people (especially his dad) just a little bit off balance. This need to assert himself and stubborn insistence on not being a doormat leads to the conflict that really drives the plot. This is because we're right back at the beginning of his seventy-five year long argument over nothing much with Betty. Given that the whole mess started with something they've decided is no one else's business that they call the lipstick incident and given that promotional art has her gazing nervously at dresses, I think I know where we're headed with this. I'll go into depth on that tomorrow.
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