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And then there's this girl.....

One of the nice things about the reload is that it presents a Betty Cooper who's simply a young lady with strong opinions who feels as if she's been slighted somehow. This is a marked improvement over the old version who was, well, a full-tilt, full-on twelve cylinder whackmobile who makes Pyro from Team Fortress 2 seem lucid, rational and non-threatening. You weren't sure if she wanted to marry Archie or skin him to make an Archie doll.

Anyhow, we've gone back to the Betty we started out with: a girl who Archie describes as smelling like flowers and motor oil. While he's always had something of a thing for her, personalities did what they did and clashed over something they call the lipstick incident. At one point, she almost comes over to apologize for her part in the argument when he tells the person he's talking to that he wouldn't know what to say to make it right. When questioned by the gay kid and the two girls he pals around with who want stability more than they want the two of them to be happy, Betty doesn't go into detail about it because it's too damned soon to talk about it. What she DOES do is get somewhat anxious about her femininity. This leaves us with the realization that Archie must have made a compliment that back-fired (probably that thing about flowers and motor oil) and neither person wanted to back down. This is why Jughead told Kevin and the others that they didn't need the quick fix movie solution that wouldn't work; what they did need was time so that the two of them can calm down and see what they could lose if they don't get over themselves.

Were it not for an external factor named Hiram Lodge, Jughead's world in which Archie and Betty eventually hashed things out and were the better for it would be a pretty safe bet. The problem is that said external factor has a daughter named Veronica who's pretty much the same age as Archie and the gang. This means that thanks to a dime-store Tony Stark's need to set up shop in Riverdale, a third party ends up both getting dragged into and voluntarily intruding upon the conflict.
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