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And then there's the guy's pal.

As I said yesterday, it's sort of easy to understand why it is that Veronica has never been especially fond of Jughead. It grates on her to have this person not only come along and tell her where she's allowed to go, what she's allowed to do and who she's allowed to be with. In her short life, only her father and his valet have ever done that and she only really obeyed to sort of humor them. To have some slob come along and start laying down the law like that is not something she's used to or fond of. Since nothing she's ever done is wrong, it must be that this odd person is a vindictive freak intent on wrecking lives for no reason she cares to admit to.

What she doesn't know owing to coming in late is that Jughead has always been something of a presence in Archie's life. He's a little smarter than Archie, he can see a little further ahead and he's able to see logical flaws and potential downsides in his buddy's clever plans. He's also a lot better at reading people because he's just a little bit more grown up than his peers and is willing to play a longer game than they are. This means that he can see past surface impressions and psychological defense mechanisms and, I'm sure, will quickly come to the conclusion that hanging around some girl who's got herself convinced that no one could love her if she loses and doesn't like the idea of sharing much is a really stupid way of getting over Betty....especially since it might draw the ire of a father whose guiding ethical principles are "shit or get off the pot" and "nobody treats my child like a stepping stone."
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