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On avoiding continuity.

The reason that I've taken the side trip to Riverdale is that I should think that Lynn envies the utter lack of continuity that we see in the Archieverse. As her extended whine about the horrible haters who hate her and laugh when she bleeds reminds us, when she gets criticized for not telling a consistent story, the blubbering infant in her who hates discomfort yearns for a world where arbitrary bullshit rules and people just have to suck it and praise her. What she doesn't realize is that the people fear continuity for a different reason: they know that if they do let things take their natural course, the end result isn't going to be pretty.

Let's start off by reminding ourselves of the only people who matter: the average young man with a rebellious streak, the girl next door-type with the self-image issues, the slightly smarter best friend nursemaiding the main character, the lovable alpha bitch, her overprotective dad and the rival doomed to get stuck with the hero's sloppy seconds. The untenable situation the hero's waffling indecisiveness created cannot last forever in a world where time exists. At some point, the structure will collapse and the predictable consequences will manifest themselves when someone gets friendzoned. What makes the most sense given the rules of the genre is that Archie would sit down, shut up and accept that all his yapping about free will has done has made everyone's life worse and patch things up with Betty. While this means that he'll be in trouble with Ronnie's dad for a bit, things that way will settle into a stable shape when she plays the "there's no way I'm interested in that clod, that's not why I blush and look all sheepish when I talk to the creep in the stupid hat" card with her burger-loving intellectual equal while Reggie gets shut out for not bowing down and worshiping Guitarzan.
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