dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The discomfort-induced mental paralysis syndrome.

Of course, we saw signs that Lynn feared discussing anything that might discomfort her early on when she had John talk about the possibility of his getting hurt on the job only to have Elly wail like a small child and rant about how terrible he was for telling scary stories just because he wanted to scare her by making her think of things that she would rather not think about. This, I should think, is why she and Georgia exist in an odd state of paralysis when they find out that John and Phil are missing.

At first blush, it looks as if we're dealing with two women so in love with their men that they simply can't imagine themselves even living if they die. The problem is that it isn't just that Elly would probably waste away from grief despite having two children who'll need her more than ever. The problem is that neither she nor Georgia had a plan to live their lives without their spouses because the possibility was too scary to contemplate. This need to blind themselves to a very real possibility seems to stem from that need to stay in a sort of comfort zone where nothing much happens.

About the only really good thing that comes out of this is that Elly ends up finally starting to realize that there's a great big world outside her window and her need to think of herself as a newlywed having too much shoved on her too soon is perhaps not consonant with reality. It's a pity John nearly died to get her to grow up and stop acting like a teenager but that's kind of what it probably had to take.
Tags: elly lives in a world of magic

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