dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The beast that shouted love at the heart of the Foobiverse.

I freely admit to not liking Mike in the early years of the strip. His constant claims of victimization aside, he was and is the aggressor here. Out of sheer, pea-brained, defiance and malice, he deliberately made his younger sister's life a misery, compuonding his hatefulness by blaming the victim, by stating that if she wasn't a wailing obstruction between him and mother love, he wouldn't have been forced to act. There's a problem with his reasoning, though; the deluded nit never quite got it into his brawling brain that most of the time the mother he expected to shower him with affection couldn't be bothered looking after children. She loved him but didn't particularly like him most of the time. She spent her flabbergasted days looking at her kids and asked herself what they wanted of her. In a rare display of insight, Mike realized that his mother wanted to have her children make her life easier. Did he start doing the things she wanted? Nope. That would be like letting someone else win and he couldn't do that. What he did was insist that his acts of wanton hatefulness were helpful and good. He may have simmered down over the years but the impulse to call cruelty kindness will have negative divdends for years to come.
Tags: liz: whining martyr, mikerobe: the universal infant, sheet shaver

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