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The aftermath of the canoe trip

One of the odder things about the moving house Phil and Georgia do that we'll be seeing in three years time should the reprints still be a going concern is that Geo seems to be determined to rid Phil all of the useless possessions he no longer needs. While on the surface, this looks as if she's simply another person trying to get a man-child to cut it with the Peter Pan bullshit and live in Big Boy Town, you'll notice that most of the crap she wants to get rid of is of the camping variety. This is because we're dealing with someone who, after hearing his story of how and why he spent three days on the Island Of Totally Unnecessary Hardship, came to the immediate realization that her outdoorsy boyfriend is hopelessly inept as well as being panicky and stupid when he's not in his natural environment. The cure to this is to sell off his camping equipment and to make damned sure that they spend all their vacations on a beach as part of a large tour group so he doesn't wander off and kill himself.

The other end result is that the next time we see the Pattersons in the woods, it's seventeen years later and Phil is thousands of miles away and Elly makes damned sure that they don't paddle so far that they can't see the cabin they rented. It took her that long to trust John out in the wilds because, well, it takes her a long time to get over anything. Now that it's been twenty nine years after Phil tried to kill himself and John playing Daniel Boob, perhaps Elly will finally have gotten to the point where she can admit that he can be trusted again.
Tags: phil richards: yapping ignoramus

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