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On Chekov's allergy and refugees in war zones.

For those of you who've been paying attention to Stone Soup, the most recent development is that Holly has suddenly become horribly allergic to chocolate. While one might think that Val has merely been handed another means in which not to argue in any sort of good faith and rant about war, famine, cancer and other things that a middle school student can do very little about as a means of saying "Your argument is invalid because I am not affected negatively by your plight but might have to mildly inconvenience myself if I address it," I should think that we're in for a rather harsher means of ritualistic castigation of someone whose primary crime is pointing out how stupid and short-sighted her mother can be.

This is because I'm pretty sure that Val's wedding cake is going to be chocolate because she wants to break with tradition. If I'm right, there will be Holly not being able to enjoy herself and there Val will be getting her bowels in an uproar because people like her interfering mother, naive husband and inexperienced sister want to coddle Holly instead of reminding her that she's got to sacrifice for the greater good. The idea of Holly having a special cake so that she doesn't feel left out doesn't appeal to Val's sense of fairness because doing so might inconvenience her to a slight degree. It's like how in the Foobiverse, cooperation means mindless obedience to Elly. The general idea is that some arrogant nitwit on a power trip thrives on the misery of her children.
Tags: boomer lens-cap stupidity, stone soup, valerie warzone

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